Randolph Parker is a Canadian artist living on Salt Spring Island and in Victoria British Columbia. Randolph a thirty five year veteran on the Canadian art scene has observed his artistic landscape paintings change from intimate images of forests and lakes created in a style reminiscent of the Group of Seven’s paintings to sweeping vistas of the Canadian landscape done on a monumental scale.


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His formal art training began at Mt. Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. He later attended the Banff Centre and continued to study at York University in Ontario. He studied under such eminent instructors as David Silverberg, Takao Tanabe, Paul Sloggett, and Ken Carpenter.

His work is represented by three prominent Canadian galleries; Mayberry Fine Art, Masters Gallery and Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art.

Biographical Texts

Beyond the Brush

From the Book “ Beyond the Brush “

For myself, art is the pursuit of happiness; for not to create would be to deny who I am. My art is the integration of things seen and experienced, the record of my existence, the pursuit of perfection and the constant that will be developed to the end. Only time will tell if the vision within the work has meaning enough to enhance the lives of others in the future. Seeing the subtleties of life is my inspiration, to translate it onto canvas is my desire and to play with paint is my passion. The paintings in this book are a small reflection of who I am and what I have seen.


The Long View

Artist Randolph Parker’s unwavering vision

Profile by Shelagh Plunkett

Randolph  Parker  has  a  great  view.  From  where  he  stands  you  can almost see into the future.

At  the window  of  his Salt Spring  Island  studio,  the landscape  painter gazes  out  at  the  foreground  land  dropping  sharply  to  the shores  of Ganges  Harbour;  in  the  middle  distance  the  Three  Sisters  guarding the  mouth  of  the  harbour  are  backed  by  fingers of  land  and  a snaking  Active  Pass;  in  the  background  the  Cascade  Mountains  rise, punctuated by Mount Baker. Over all arches the dome of the sky and an endless show of atmospheric effects.



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